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Welcome To Time Raiders 2012

Time Raiders Chapter 2

Each and every day, there are additions and changes to the MKDS Networks BlogNovel Time Raiders: The Chronicles.  With new ideas, theories and information being written down, we at the Network believe that the readers and followers of Time Raiders should have the opportunity to know exactly how the series of adventures are being put together.  And so, with the powers that we possess and the time in which to spend away from other projects, we give you the UPDATES page for your earliest and most convenient perusal.

As many may already know, Time Raiders: The Chronicles has entered its second chapter, but as yet the proposed  time-line for the completion of the third chapter has been delayed.  Hopefully, with the help of the website and the people that view it, the continuation and final completion of chapter three, may depend on the input and idealogical suggestions submitted.

If you have any ideas, thoughts or suggestions for the third chapter, then please, read/refer to Chapter One and Chapter Two for both inspiration and/or reference.  Of these ideas there may well be 1 of 5 submissions taken from a member of the site.

  1. Charactor names
  2. Locations
  3. Theories
  4. Vehicles/Weapons
  5. Plot

We at the Network believe that the amount of Charactor’s names within the initial structure of Time Raiders: The Chronicles has reached maximum numbers, and with this said, it is the decision of the Network, to allow any worthy names of future charactor’s for the series of adventures.  Of course, only one submission from each single member will be accepted, if accepted from a submission from the member themselves.  In short, the charactor name sent to the Network for the Time Raiders: The Chronicles Novel, will be included within one of the chapter’s and uploaded on completion to this site.

Locations and location names are encouraged from the members to include unique and custom based titles.  A location may be associated with a real place, a person or just a name that has been thoughtfully created by the member. These names, whether Character or Location cannot be taken from any other Book, Film, TV Series or otherwise used in Copyrighted Material. Besides, its is YOUR construction of thought with something unique that may well shape the future of the Series.

Theories was a tricky one to get by the Network, especially when, as we all know, it has been well documented through history and time that some such thoeries left for others to put forward have caused wars, famine, death and destruction.  Here at the Network we pride ourselves on many advances due to theory and idea’s, and now we request those of the members, too, to put forward and submit freely.

When the R&D found out that we were about to allow the members to put forward idea’s and designs, as well as names and terms for the most important foundation of Time Raiders: The Chronicles series, if I said they were mystified, it would be underestimating the real reaction hugely.  The Tech-Guys at the R&D decided that the whole idea behind the Vehicles (Southern Sun II) and weapons (Arcbolt A4Shift) were those that had to be believable, and at the same time, more believable to the reader and members who would associate these items with the stories.

Finally, we come to the Plot!  The plot in many of the Chronicled Adventures throughout Time Raiders, is, and always has been the basis and one of the most important factors within the series.  Plots can come in all shapes and sizes, as we already know by the increased attention on the story which became a BlogNovel.  Here, we ask the members to submit freely their further ideas or ideas for future adventures that may be taken on board and used on this site, or other sites that contain the Time Raiders Insignia, information or stories.

Use this page well.  For those who have already aquired my email address, it is possible for you to forward your ideas, thoughts and/or plots.

Plans In Play For Chapter Two:

Captain Kasabian Valentine of the Inter-Galactic Battleship The Southern Sun II, is to hit the Planet Amia…Hard!  In Chapter Two, Captain Valentine and Rose Praise Dexley [an added character to the storyline leading up to Chapter Five], escaped the Fleet; the low atmosphere sub planet that lays in ninety-two hours of darkness every astro-calendar month.  Here they stayed for fourteen months, until sending word to The Southern Sun II for transport.

Kenida Voth, leader of the colony on Starfid 309, the furthest of all the planets out on the rim itself, has placed a bounty on both Valentine and Dexley.  Embarrassing to find that he was worth less dead than his counterpart, Dexley, Valentine orders the immediate jump to Voth’s home world – Amia; a once vibrant and rich green planet, Amia was attacked during some ancient war between the Amia’s and the Gods themselves.  Now, it was the only planet where the growing generations do anything and more to get themselves as far away as possible from the planet.

To celebrate the 30th birthday of Time Raider’s: The Chronicles, The Network is to release a double drop series of "Paragraphs”.  As a gift, and something to sink your teeth into, it will be announced across the entire Network what title is to be given to Time Raiders: The Chronicles Chapter Three.  It was considered the title should be something that would explain something more about the Ship and what exactly happened to the very first Southern Sun.

"My first priority is to tie up the loose ends from both the first chapter and chapter two, where the subsequent meeting of parties with no memory takes place.  Re-shaping the whole structure of The Ship will take an important place in the schedule, with a breakdown in the scientific’s explaining the Cobalt; where it comes from, how it is made, what strengths the colors represent and how powerful the Cobalt is compared to other weapons.”

Up to now, only one or two "Sliders” have revealed something new about the Space Ship made from pure Cobalt, which now begs the question, "What will we learn about The Southern Sun II”.

"All I can reveal at this time is that The Ship is not what it seems!  If you read chapter one it will tell you that The Ship is alive!  Captain Kasabian Valentine passes a remark about being JUST the crew that fly it!  Join the dots and you just know that to anybody hardcore sci-fi intro, normally the first two clues would be huge, if not spoiler clues.  With such a long vested interest in Time Raider’s: The Chronicles, I feel it only best to keep the series to a minimum of twelve volumes.  With a promised twenty-five Chapter’s per volume, reader’s will have the opportunity to get their very own copies as soon as the title is placed onto eBook, Kindle and later Paperback Novel.”

The Network wishes you luck.

© Marcus De Storm 2012/The [MKDS67] Network 2012

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