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Green Light For Time Raiders: Cobalt Dreams (Chapter 1/Book 1)

Almost 30 years ago, it was said that "Time Raiders: The Chronicles" would never work out for Writer/Author Marcus De Storm. The reasons behind this premature conclusion was that so many Science Fiction programs and films were being shown on television and at the cinema, as well as a huge variety of Serialised Comics along the same lines of Deep Space Exploration.

The first chapter "Time Raiders: Cobalt Dreams" was written up in the summer of 1984, where it recieved a surprisingly good welcome, but it wasn't to be hugely popular against the other works that found it easy to compete against a new found Sci-Fi Adventure. The chapter was put away and forgotten about, until it was unpacked in 1992. Put through a short editing process, the Writer gave it a couple of extra tweaks; new characters, new locations, new weapons inventory and a new name to the structural design of 'The Southern Sun II' design. Again it was handed around, and again it was dismissed by those that preferred their regular Sci-Fi Shows and Caped Crusader Comics, and so the chapter was again put away to make way for other Projects.

In 2003, Time Raiders: Cobalt Dreams made a huge come-back, especially as in that year, the spike meter on the use of the "Internetwork" had already placed the foundations on The Network from 2000. With various "BlogSpots", "BlogSites" and "Websites" available on the Net, it had become possible for Marcus De Storm to build his character, his profile and so build "The [MKDS] Network" into an unstoppable force. The chapter was again edited, but very little was changed in the way of Characters, Locations, Weapons or anything else. It was now that samples of the chapter were handed out, uploaded onto the Internet and even signed personally from the Author himself. People were starting to like it - and like it enough to ask for a second chapter.

Coming up to date, The Time Raiders: Chronicles (Series) hit a snag (Please read the disclaimer at the top of the page), and that snag was the argument over the true creator of the Novel (Series) title. This delayed the second and third chapter for almost two years, while the people involved backed down very little. It was then brought into practice of the title layout; Marcus De Storm's Title appeared as "Time Raiders: The Chronicles", while the opposing side put out their's as "Timeraiders Barnsley" and "Timeraiders Leeds". It was also duly noted that "Time Raiders: Cobalt Dreams" was first written in 1984, whereas the opposing side would have been only 2-3 years old at the time. And so "Time Raiders: Chronicles" continued...

The green light has now been given for "Time Raiders: Cobalt Dreams" to be released onto eBook and Kindle sometime in August 2012, with further plans to release the first chapter as a Paperback Novel - By extending the Chapter layout to be that of one full story. The pricing for each eBook will be an estimated £0.99p, while its pricing in Paperback Novel will be a little more. Further details of this will be released as we get around to them.

Until then, Stay Safe, Stay Well, Stay Tuned and Spread the Word.

© Marcus De Storm 2012/The Network 2012.

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